Flexible’s Guide to Seeing What's Actually Possible and Getting What You Want

We empower property owners to question convention, explore the best options, and secure their ideal outcome with a Flexible custom offer, without the hassle and cost of a typical transaction.

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You own a property, and you have goals: 

  • A simple sale

  • Making smart tax moves

  • Custom plans for co-owners

  • Closing certainty and on your timeline

  • Setting your future self up for success 

  • Generating cash or recurring cash flow

  • Reducing ownership hassles for a lifestyle upgrade

  • A specific real estate transaction structure with your desired price

  • Finding a partner to increase your property’s value by financing and managing improvements  

If you have equity, you have excellent options.

Multi-million-dollar properties deserve exploration beyond off-the-shelf solutions. Good ideas are rare, and finding another party to do what you want is even more rare. This guide covers how to discover what is actually possible with your property so you can reach an outcome that is exciting, not just acceptable.  

Typical Transactions Achieve Their Goals, Not Yours

Most real estate transactions follow a one-size-fits-all approach that ends with cookie-cutter offers. There are near-endless possibilities to craft a highly desirable outcome, and all it takes is an idea and two parties reaching an agreement. But a generic sale or lease keeps your biggest goals out of reach. 


Most real estate professionals only know—or share—the basics. Their fastest path to income is a completed transaction, where you accept whatever “the Market'' offers. If you want something different—perhaps based on a tax professional’s recommendation to defer taxes, or a savvy friend’s success story—prospective bidders either can’t do what you want or aren’t willing to consider it. 

This lack of ideas and unwillingness to consider alternatives means missed opportunities, which are painful and expensive. Knowing this and its implications for getting what you want out of your property puts you ahead of many owners trying to do the same thing. 

How do we know? 

We’re Owners Too

When attempting to sell or lease, we often run into roadblocks when trying to apply new ideas that would improve our outcomes. Industry norms—processes, expectations, negotiations, contract language–interfere. Sometimes, waiting and testing our luck is an option, but we’ve relearned the same hard lesson: some windows of opportunity close permanently. The market shifts, minds change, tax laws change.

Flexible is built to solve two problems: 1) Not knowing what’s actually possible because good ideas are rare, and 2) Others don’t make offers based on what you want. 

Whatever Your Goals, We’re Flexible — aka “The Custom Offer Company”

We’re on a mission to be Earth’s most owner-centric investor. 

We have designed our customer experience to make exploring options straightforward, and we make custom offers that include exactly what you want. We will share our best real estate, finance, and tax ideas, and we can help you compare the benefits and trade-offs of your top choices.  

We don’t have rigid goals. We can buy, partner with you, lease, and more (see Offer Types below). We ensure the details of your transaction are right for you, including any requests, no matter how unconventional. We have relationships covering many corners of real estate ensuring we have the information and resources helping you secure your ideal outcome.

No Fees, No Commitments

We won't ask you for a commitment to get ideas or a custom offer, and we don’t charge commissions or fees—ever. 

With typical transactions, the owner pays commissions to cover both sides: their real estate agent and the buyer's agent. It’s usually between 4-6% of the sale price, and there are often other costs which bring the total closer to 10%, including repairs, improvements, concessions, and transaction costs that are customarily paid by owners. 

We are not real estate agents, we don’t charge fees. We make money after you get what you want. We improve properties by performing renovations, additions, or new development, then we sell or continue to own and operate. If you want to participate in any value or ongoing earning potential we create, let us know so we can include it in your offer. 

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Flexible Success Stories

When you know your options, and you can compare the numbers, you can choose with confidence. Every Flexible transaction is a story about new possibilities and an empowered owner achieving a better outcome than previously imagined:

  • The Cruz’s multi-tenant retail property cash flow was declining as repair costs mounted and market rental rates remained unchanged. They wanted to retire from being owners but needed the income and wanted to avoid a hefty tax bill. They achieved both goals with an Installment Sale that made it possible to skip the tax bill, eliminate ownership hassles, and secure 25-years of passive monthly income.

  • Jacqueline R. inherited a multifamily property that was not up to code and that had deferred maintenance, a liability due to risk of injury to tenants. She didn’t have the money, expertise, or desire to fix the problem so she needed to sell immediately. Jacqueline secured an Easy Sale and 21 days later the property and burden was off her hands.

  • The Lannings were ready to downsize but they needed to sell their existing home to get the cash needed to buy their new home. The steps required to sell—finding an agent, updating their existing home, staging, showings, and meetings—combined with the effort of buying a new home, was overwhelming. They solved their logistical problems and bypassed the headaches with a sale-leaseback which gave them the cash they needed and time to find their new home without pressure.  

  • Chris P. was the managing partner of a portfolio of commercial properties that hadn’t been upgraded to meet the needs of prospective tenants. Chris and his partners were unable to agree on a budget for improvements, which would require each partner to pull from retirement savings. Flexible and the company formed a new Partnership, whereby Flexible, as co-owner, contributed the required capital and helped complete the business plan. The partners enjoyed higher cash flow and a net worth boost without writing a check.

We Thrive on Win-Win Deals 

Our team is rewarded on what we call the Flexperience Score: How happy is the owner when all is said and done? 

Competitive pricing is a customer experience pillar of ours, which means no low-balling—we offer the highest price we can, and we are experts at finding the true potential of every property so that we can offer competitive pricing, not just custom terms. 

You get to see what’s actually possible and skip the typical tug-of-war that ends with giving in to what someone else wants. You will also reap benefits you won’t find elsewhere: convenience, closing certainty, and customization of terms and timing—without the headaches. 

Your Path

The time to make a change with your property—a sale, partnership, lease, or something even more creative—starts now. 

Whether you are beginning to explore your options or you are exhausted by the thought of spending an extra minute with the decision, you are already balancing a lot: 

  • Is now the right time to make a change? 

  • What are my options besides a typical sale or lease? 

  • What are the pros and cons?

  • What does [person in your life] think? 

  • What are the tax consequences? 

  • Should I improve the property? 

  • Do I need to hire someone to help? 

  • How do I know who I can trust? 

  • What is a real estate transaction going to cost? 

  • How much time is this going to take? 

  • What if I make the wrong decision?

A call with one of our Offer Guides will add clarity. We will share what we have learned from others who are navigating these questions, and we will point you in the right direction if a question is better answered by a qualified legal or tax professional.

Our Offer Guides are real estate experts, including licensed brokers and developers, who understand your goals and challenges. They have spent thousands of hours exploring and structuring creative solutions with owners, and owners’ legal and tax professionals. Your Flexible Offer Guide is here to help you determine and secure what you want when you’re ready. 

Wherever you are in your process, we are ready to help: we can share ideas, or jump to building you an offer. It’s never too early to see your options. 

What is your ideal outcome? 

This question tends to catch owners off guard.

Most advice for owners assumes they want a typical sale or lease. Maybe one of those options is truly the best choice, but it’s a good idea to avoid making that assumption. 

For example, a better fit might be a partnership or one of the many variations of sale and lease that are less common, but perhaps more aligned with what you want. 

“Typical” gets people into trouble all the time. It is generic, so it’s often suboptimal for your unique mix of goals and circumstances that aren’t generic. It kind of works for the average person. It isn’t adjusted for you

Exploring ideal outcomes—not just what’s common—frees you from the chains of conventionality that limit your possibilities. It gives you the freedom to think differently. 

We suggest this thought-exercise because we know there is a good chance we can find a way to make it happen.

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What To Know About Flexible

Here are a few things owners frequently ask about, you should know: 

About you:

  • We may not be your best option. If you want to test the market with an agent you trust, and you aren’t concerned with refining the details of an offer, transaction timeline, and effort required, we recommend hiring an agent. 

About our offers:

  • Our Love Your Offer Guarantee is one-of-a-kind. We’ll give you unlimited offer revisions for three weeks up to a signed contract, and up to seven days after accepting our offer to cancel our agreement. No questions asked. 

  • Our pricing is competitive. We work hard to find reasons to pay you more. 

  • We take properties “as-is.” Skip sinking cash into low-or-no ROI repairs and improvements.

  • We can get you an offer in 24 hours. No strings attached. 

  • Our offers are good for seven days. Since they are sensitive to market data, and because real estate values and rents fluctuate daily, we adjust our offer prices frequently. 

  • We can give you a quick, nonrefundable deposit and cash closing. Get peace of mind while skipping unreasonable last minute requests, surprise price reductions, and last minute cancellations.  

  • We can help you increase after-tax earnings. We have options to make 1031 exchanges less nerve-wracking, and other creative structures to earn more and secure long term, tax-efficient, hassle-free income.  

About us and our process: 

  • Getting a custom offer from us is risk-free. We won’t ask you to commit to anything. 

  • Our process is fast and frictionless. See exactly what we can offer in hours, not months. 

  • Your timeline. We can go as fast or slow as you want. You can secure what you want today, and close later. 

  • Almost everything can be done online and over the phone. No in-person meetings required. We will visit the property on your schedule, or by coordinating with your preferred contact. 

  • We work well with agents, but using one isn’t required. The internet makes property and market data one click away for everyone. There are hundreds of thousands of off-market transactions done per year directly between buyer and seller—no agents—and that number has been increasing every year.  

  • Our interest in certain markets and property types may change. Request an offer online or call us any time to verify if we are active in your market, and to see if your property qualifies for an offer. 

  • We are direct, friendly, and ready to get down to business. No salespeople, pressure, tricks, or corner-cutting. We take our job of delivering exciting results seriously. 

Finding Your Perfect Fit

The easiest and fastest path to learning about options that make sense for you is to request a free offer and speak to an Offer Guide. On the call, we will go over your objectives and use your guidance to determine next steps, either sharing ideas or building a custom offer. 

Our Offer Types simplify the world of real estate transaction possibilities into eleven structures, each designed to achieve a unique outcome. We didn’t invent them—they are used nationwide by all types of owners—we’ve just made them more accessible. Every Offer Type can be refined by our Offer Guides to fit your goals. 

Check out our free 15-second Offer Type Finder to see which options are right for you. 

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Flexible’s Custom Offer Process 

We have removed unnecessary steps from typical transactions, leaving only what adds value to you. 

Our offer will be the product of skillful collaboration with you to make sure that every detail is optimized, including variables that are often overlooked. As soon as you request an offer and your property is approved, we will build a custom offer ready for you that same day. 

Here is a detailed look at our process:

  1. Offer build starts with your terms: We can share ideas and collaborate, or you can tell us what you want. Anyone you want is welcome to join any and all conversations. 

  2. Property and project planning: We study local project guidelines to determine the highest and best use of your property. By understanding your property’s maximum earning potential, we maximize the price we offer. 

  3. Market research and analysis: We use the same data sources as real estate agents and appraisers as we research sales and rental rate comparables and trends, then we make adjustments based on your property’s unique characteristics. 

  4. Determine highest and best pricing: Based on your goals, our plans, design and construction cost estimates, and our research findings, we determine the highest price and most favorable deal terms we can offer. 

  5. Offer build complete, sent for your review: Your Flexible Offer Guide will be standing by to adjust your offer until you love it.

Once you accept, we handle all the paperwork, including coordinating with escrow and title, and will quickly complete our due diligence to ensure a timely closing. 

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Who is a Good Fit for Flexible?

As you know by now, we can help you achieve your goals

We have solutions for:

We are interested in all property types and projects nationwide, subject to certain minimum property values which vary by market. 

If you are at a stage where you simply have questions but you aren’t ready to make a move, we encourage you to reach out to our team for a casual conversation about your situation. Whatever you are going through, we want to hear about it—we can help in surprising ways. 

How Is Flexible Able To Be So... Flexible?

We don’t have any company investors, so we are free from pressures distracting from our mission. We don’t have quarterly earnings demands, or arbitrary profit targets, or outside influence that requires us to grow beyond our ability to serve every property owner in the best way we know how.

Ready To See What’s Possible With Your Property?

Request a free offer and we will start with a brief call to see if we’re a good fit and answer any and all questions you have. 

Here are quick links to help you better understand what Flexible can provide:  

Skip the offer request by calling us directly at (888) 353-9425 or send us an email: hello@flxbl.com. 

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