About Flexible
What is Flexible?
We’re a different kind of investor.
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    We’ll make you a risk-free custom offer today.
    Skip the guesswork, months of waiting, and unpleasant surprises. Simply tell us your goals and receive a customized purchase, lease, or partnership offer in less than 24 hours. We are Flexible for a reason: We’re open to any offer terms, and we say "yes" a lot. All properties, projects, and situations are welcome.
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    We make it easy to compare all of your options.
    With Flexible, you are in control and you have the creative freedom to achieve any goal. We’ll help you see what’s actually possible and weigh the benefits and tradeoffs of your top choices so you can proceed with confidence.
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    Our offers include transparent pricing and zero fees.
    You’ll see everything that goes into our offer price, including a third-party appraisal. We don’t charge fees, so the pricing you see is what ends up in your pocket.
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    We get it.
    We’re property owners too. We share the same skepticism, concerns about changes in tax law and market conditions, and diverse objectives. We’ve removed the stress-inducing, time-consuming paperwork, marketing prep, and tours of typical transactions. Flexible makes getting what you want—when you want it—seamless.
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    We’re not for everyone.
    For owners who want to test the market, we recommend hiring an agent. If your goal is to get the highest price or maximum earnings, the Installment Sale or Partnership can give you above-market pricing without fees, and with tax savings. If you're not sure which route is right for you, request a free offer to see pricing - no commitments required.
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    Legal and tax professionals like our offers.
    We have spent thousands of hours exploring creative solutions with owners and their advisors, and we’ll share our best ideas with you. When you’re ready, we’ll work with you and your team to ensure our offer looks great from all angles.
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    We’re transactional.
    People come to us for results, not to hear us pontificate about outcomes we can’t personally deliver. You won’t find high-pressure sales tactics, a hidden agenda, or corner-cutting at your expense - just friendly, honest professionals energized by helping owners like you get what they want.
Flexible Quick Facts
  • Mission:

    To be Earth's most owner-centric investor.

  • Approach:

    Empower owners to question convention, explore new ideas, and unlock exciting outcomes. Don't lose money.

  • Strategies:

    Assignment, buy and hold/sell, partnership, lease, option, structured debt, mezzanine, preferred equity, business partnerships/acquisitions (real estate interests required).

  • Project Types:

    Rezoning/entitlements, renovations, additions, and new project development.

  • Qualified Property Characteristics:

    All property types, as-is value: $1 million+.

  • Markets:

    20+ major cities and surrounding areas throughout the U.S.

  • Funding Sources:

    Balance sheet, credit facility, 3rd party debt/equity.

  • Company:

    Private, unlisted

  • HQ:

    Palo Alto, California

  • History:

    Founded by Tom Blake, commercial real estate broker, residential developer/operator, and CEO/co-founder of Dropmodel, a technology company acquired by HouseCanary in 2020. In March 2021, Flexible launched a tech-enabled experience that makes tailor-made transactions possible on a cell phone.

Our Story
Bending over backwards to give owners what they actually want

Flexible's founding team witnessed countless transactions where property owners were treated the same. Unique goals and circumstances were always met with cookie-cutter offers based on whatever “The Market” wanted—not what the owners wanted.

“To the person with only a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”
- Abraham Maslow

One day, an owner said “No thanks” to a generic offer and insisted on an installment sale to defer taxes and earn passive income. From this insight—that there was a world of better options savvy owners knew about—we set out to curate and make them accessible to every owner. The concept of Flexible was born.

Today, our approach is simple: We put owners’ goals first, share ideas, and make custom offers with exactly what owners want.

We know that when you've seen one owner, you've seen…one owner. We don't assume. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all “solutions”.

Flexible was built by property owners who understand the importance of exploring all options and getting the details right. Flexible is for owners who aren’t ready or willing to narrow the scope of their goals. With Flexible, owners can get creative with confidence to discover and achieve their ideal outcome.

Conventional when you need it. Creative when you want it. Ready when you are.

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