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Easy Sale

A straightforward sale to Flexible, without the hassles or costs of putting your property on the market.

Installment Sale

A sale to Flexible in which you get paid in installments rather than all cash upfront.

Ground or Master Lease

Lease your entire building or land to one tenant: Flexible.

Special Situations


A sale to Flexible, then a leaseback to you on your terms.


Sell to Flexible while Flexible secures your new property so you can exchange one for the other.

Builder Pre-sale

A sale to Flexible midway through an improvement project.

Cash for Equity

Sell part of your property to Flexible.


A profit-sharing arrangement where you partner with Flexible to bring your property to its highest and best use.

Business and Building Sale

Sell your business and building to Flexible in a single transaction, without the costs and complexity of two separate sales.

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