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If you have consistent access to high-quality off-market direct-to-owner opportunities, apply to be a Flexible Referral Partner.

How Flexible referral partnerships work
  • 1

    Apply to get registered.
    We’ll reach out to introduce ourselves and learn about your business.
  • 2

    Submit qualified opportunities that meet our criteria
    Get a same-day response.
  • 3

    Choose compensation structure: cash at closing, co-ownership, or both
    You design how you get paid — we’re flexible.
  • 4

    We’ll handle the rest, you get paid.
    We make it easy so you can spend your time finding more opportunities.
Flexible partner benefits
  • Outbound referrals from Flexible
  • Same-day offers
  • Referral bonuses on top of standard fees
  • Equity participation options
  • Early access to partnership opportunities
Become a referral partner. Supercharge your business
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Flexible partners with active real estate investors, passive investors, agents, and wholesalers. Fill out the form above to tell us about yourself, and we’ll be in touch about opportunities to work together.
  • They’re real estate professionals who are trusted, respected, and knowledgeable—with a track record of accessing excellent investment opportunities before they hit the market. If this sounds like you, apply above to learn about how we can work together.
  • If you bring us an opportunity that we buy or lease—or that results in a partnership—we’ll provide compensation through a choice of commissions, referral fees, or property ownership interests. Contact us for details.

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