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Three ways to earn
  • Represent an owner and, if desired, represent Flexible, as well.

    Keep 100% of the commission.

  • Represent Flexible on a property listed by another agent.

    When you have an informational edge that could lead to better-than-advertised risk-adjusted returns.

  • Refer an unrepresented owner.

    We’ll handle most or all communications — if we close, you get paid. Learn more about Referral Partnerships.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • The best way is to bring us an off-market, pre-market, or high days-on-market opportunity that has the potential to provide excellent risk-adjusted returns. If you don’t have anything now but think you may in the future, contact us to get registered.
  • If you’re the first agent to bring us an opportunity, you can represent us in the transaction. If you know about a property but don’t have a formal listing—or you bring us something that results in a partnership or lease—we’re happy to pay you a fee.
  • Send us an email at hello@flxbl.com.

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