Offer Add‑ons

Ways we can make our offer better for you.


Fast Non-Refundable Deposit

Have Flexible’s deposit become non-refundable within 1-14 days.

Fast Close

Complete your transaction in less than 45 days.

Custom Close Date

Choose when your transaction closes.

Option to Extend Closing

Decide if you want to close later.


Cash Now, Before Closing

Get cash in hand within days of a signed agreement.


Transact with your property in its current state without repairs or post-closing responsibilities.

Invest with Flexible

Invest cash from your transaction into Flexible projects to earn attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Loan Takeover

Sell your property with your existing loan in place.


Pre-Closing Flexibility

Make changes to your transaction during the transaction.

Post-Closing Flexibility

Make changes to your ongoing deal structure.

Option to Cancel Transaction

Cancel your transaction without penalty.

Custom Co-Owner Outcomes

Get offer customization that gives each co-owner what they want.


Transact, then lease the property back on your terms.

Make your next deal your best deal.
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