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Here’s what goes into our offer pricing
  • Market Data

    We fine-tune our offer based on properties like yours by reviewing comparable sales, rentals, and local trends.

  • Upside potential

    We add a premium to our offer price if there is an opportunity to increase the future value or rental income through a renovation, addition, or redevelopment.

  • Your terms

    We’ll show you how you can adjust each term of our offer to increase pricing so you can refine the details with confidence.

The way transactions should be
  • “Perfect fit” offer
  • Same-day offer, close when ready
  • Change your mind? We're Flexible
  • Competitive pricing, no fees
  • Skip repairs and prep work
  • Closing certainty
  • The exact outcome you want
Typical Transaction
  • Generic take-it-or-leave-it offers
  • Months of hassles
  • Irreversible decisions
  • High transaction costs
  • Costly repairs and prep work
  • Last-minute cancellations
  • Missed opportunity

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What you should know about our pricing
  • We don’t make any guarantees that our offer price will be the highest you could get. We have, however, offered the highest price in open-market transactions, and all of our offers are fair and competitive.
  • Some of our Offer Types provide significantly higher earning potential than a standard sale and can include solutions to defer taxes or increase your monthly income. Explore our Installment Sale, Ground/Master Lease, and Partnership Offer Types.
  • This happens when we are surprised by something that impacts our estimates of future costs or value. Rest assured - we work diligently to prevent this, and if anything does change you’ll be in control so you can accept, decline, or request adjustments with ease.
  • Sometimes owners do not want or need all of the cash proceeds from a sale or partnership at closing. If we can make payments over time, we can increase our offer price. Look into our Installment Sale and Partnership Offer Types to learn more.
  • Some owners want a standard transaction with maximum exposure. Usually, these owners are not focused on terms and timelines. They accept the high fees with hopes that they will get a price that justifies the time and effort. If that sounds like you, we can recommend the agent that we would hire, if we were in your shoes. Our Easy Sale is a great alternative, without the fees.
  • The real estate market is notoriously unpredictable. Anyone can offer a high price without following through. In typical transactions, there is always a risk that the other side will back out at the last minute. They often do. With a Flexible transaction, you can count on closing. Our deposits become non-refundable on your timeline so you get early certainty and peace of mind.
  • We’re in business to make owners’ goals reality. We stay in business by making more than we spend. We keep our costs as low as possible so that our offer price can be as high as possible.
  • It’s easy to see if our offer checks all of your boxes. Every offer comes with our Love Your Offer Guarantee: request as many adjustments as you want until you get your perfect mix of terms and pricing.
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