Frequently Asked Questions
  • It’s never too early to see what’s possible. We recommend requesting an offer early on in your planning process—even as a first step. Flexible offers are good for 7 days, but you can request a refresh when the time is right.
  • You don’t need an agent to sell to Flexible, however, agents are welcome. If you are working with an agent, let us know how you’d like us to work with you and them to ensure everyone gets the information, communication, and support they need to serve you best.
  • In most cases, we’ll send over a “due diligence” request that includes items related to the property, tenants, and existing vendors. We’ll coordinate an on-site inspection at a date and time that works for you. We’ll work with title and escrow to ensure required paperwork is completed in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • We can’t guarantee our offer will beat what you’d get with a traditional transaction, but we’re experts at getting owners what they want and offer benefits you won’t find elsewhere: convenience, certainty, and customization—with no headaches, fees, or risks.
  • We work with owners at all levels of expertise, from sophisticated investment groups to individual owners who have never done a real estate transaction. We also work with attorneys, CPAs, advisors, and other professionals on the owners’ behalf.
  • Owners who are focused only on getting the highest price—even if it means extra effort, time, costs, and risks—may be better off with a traditional listing. We collaborate with owners to find a mix of pricing and terms that make everyone happy.
  • All property types. Any location. Estimated “as-is” value of $1,000,000 or greater.
  • Great! We’re always happy to work with other people at your request. It can be helpful to add someone to the conversation who understands your goals and situation.
  • Almost. After you accept our offer, a team member does a free, in-person property assessment. Everything else happens online or over the phone. If any paperwork needs a signature that can’t be handled online, we send a notary to you when it’s convenient.
  • The earlier the better. We can save you a lot of time and energy by helping you focus on the best solutions tailored to your unique circumstances and goals. In many cases, these previously unexplored options put you on a path to far better results.
  • It depends. If we buy a property, we may rent, sell, or redevelop it. If we lease or partner, we may improve and re-sell it, or operate it as a rental. We balance risk and reward based on market conditions and our current property pipeline.
  • None. 100% of our potential earnings come later from things like rental income and sale proceeds, which have zero impact on the amount you walk away with at closing. We offer complete transparency, so you’ll know exactly what we will pay.
  • You can change your mind, ask for adjustments, or accept the offer—and then we handle most of the transaction work. Your Transaction Coordinator answers questions, fine-tunes your offer, provides updates, and guides you through a stress-free closing.
  • We use many of the same methods that real estate agents use: review comps, adjust for features, and fine-tune based on market trends. We also look at our future costs, projected benefits, the timeline, and any upside potential we see in the property.
  • No, never. To get started, just fill out one of the “get free custom offer” boxes on this website and request an offer. It only takes about 20 seconds.
  • Visit our homepage to see common characteristics of Flexible transactions or contact us.
  • Because the real estate market changes quickly, every Flexible offer is good for seven days. If your offer expires and you want to revisit your options, contact us to request an update.
  • The best way is to bring us an off-market, pre-market, or high days-on-market opportunity that has the potential to provide excellent risk-adjusted returns. If you don’t have anything now but think you may in the future, contact us to get registered.
  • If you’re the first agent to bring us an opportunity, you can represent us in the transaction. If you know about a property but don’t have a formal listing—or you bring us something that results in a partnership or lease—we’re happy to pay you a fee.
  • Send us an email at
  • Flexible partners with active real estate investors, passive investors, agents, and wholesalers. Fill out the form here to tell us about yourself, and we’ll be in touch about opportunities to work together.
  • They’re real estate professionals who are trusted, respected, and knowledgeable—with a track record of accessing excellent investment opportunities before they hit the market. If this sounds like you, apply to learn about how we can work together.
  • If you bring us an opportunity that we buy or lease—or that results in a partnership—we’ll provide compensation through a choice of commissions, referral fees, or property ownership interests. Contact us for details.

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