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A straightforward sale to Flexible, without the hassles or costs of putting your property on the market. Get fast closing certainty and close on your timeline. A popular alternative to the typical on-market selling process, which includes hiring an agent and paying fees.

How our Easy Sale works
  • 1

    Accept our offer

    After you accept our offer, Flexible will open escrow and send our deposit.

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    Flexible handles the details

    We’ll complete our inspections, and handle the escrow and title paperwork.

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    Close on your timeline

    Enjoy a smooth closing.

Benefits and Tradeoffs
  • Convenience- Close on your timeline and skip months of typical sale hassles: tours, property fixes and improvements, hiring an agent, and flakey buyers.

  • Fast closing certainty- Get a fast non-refundable deposit so that you know we are committed to closing.

  • Savings- Save 10% or more, hundreds of thousands of dollars, by skipping commissions and pre-sale repairs.

  • Possibility of lower pricing and proceeds- Selling your existing property by hiring an agent and listing on the market may result in higher offer pricing and net sale proceeds, even after paying commissions.

  • Limited tax benefits- Other Flexible Offer Types can result in meaningful savings by deferring taxes on capital gains and depreciation recapture. If you’re considering a 1031 exchange, we can help you reduce the risk of a failed 1031 exchange by providing an option to extend the sale date.

  • Missed opportunities- Some Flexible Offer Types give you benefits beyond those of a standard sale, including the potential to earn more and receive passive income.

Easy Sale Example

You sell your property to Flexible for $1,000,000 and choose a 60-day closing. 

During the transaction

Flexible contributes a deposit of $25,000 and spends 30 days conducting due diligence. After diligence is completed, the deposit becomes “non-refundable” and is yours to keep. 


The sale closes and you receive $1,000,000 less third-party costs of sale (e.g., escrow fees). Flexible does not charge commissions or fees.

This example is simplified to exclude details that vary by owner and transaction, including the impact of taxes, tax savings, and miscellaneous third-party transaction costs.

Perfecting your Easy Sale terms

Every Flexible offer is custom-built to achieve owners’ goals. For an Easy Sale, here are the most important items to consider:

  • Sale date

    The date when the transaction is complete.

  • Extension options

    If you are thinking about doing a 1031 exchange, extending the sale date gives you more time to find and secure your replacement property without the stress of a ticking clock.

  • Inspection period

    The amount of time you will give Flexible to complete its due diligence before the deposit becomes non-refundable. While Flexible can agree to an immediate non-refundable deposit upon signing a purchase agreement, 30 to 60 days is standard. For more complex projects, Flexible may request more time.

Most owners...

Most owners who choose an Easy Sale want closing certainty as soon as possible, but may have reasons for either a fast closing or a delayed closing. For example: postponing a sale until the following year for tax reasons. Flexible can provide a non-refundable deposit soon after signing a contract to give you confidence that your transaction will close, and schedule a closing for any date in the future.

When you request an offer, we’ll share options so you can choose your desired combination of offer features and make an informed choice. We can include preapproval to make changes after reaching an agreement so you have flexibility as the future unfolds.

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Frequently asked questions
  • A typical sale involves finding and hiring a listing agent, and a 1-6 month process that usually includes property preparation and improvements, prospect tours, offer negotiating, and one or several transactions depending on whether or not the first buyer with whom you enter into an agreement performs. With our Easy Sale, you skip all of that. You get an “as-is” sale and we close on your timeline.

  • Our offers are customized to maximize the collective ownership group’s satisfaction. Flexible will ensure each co-owner receives the terms they want, whether it’s cashing out, remaining an owner, or both. You tell us if you want us to work with a single contact, the group, or individually with each co-owner.

  • We’ll determine if your loan can be paid off without penalty and, if the rate is below market, whether it can be assumed. If we can keep a below-market rate loan in place, we may be able to increase our offer price.

  • We’ll work with you to coordinate our onsite inspections and collect property information as part of our due diligence. If certain materials are not available or easily accessible, our team can help.

Love Your Offer Guarantee™

Regret hurts.

Typical transactions prohibit owners from making changes or canceling. With Flexible, you get unlimited offer adjustments and seven days after accepting our offer to cancel.

No questions asked.

Why owners choose Flexible
Better experience, better outcome
  • Skip months of hassles.
  • Save hundreds of thousands: no commissions or repairs.
  • Explore all options—no commitment required.
  • Get a same-day offer that achieves your goals.
  • Get transparent and competitive pricing.
  • Secure fast closing certainty
  • Close on your timeline.
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