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A profit-sharing arrangement where you partner with Flexible to bring your property to its highest and best use. Unlock higher earnings on Flexible’s dime without having to plan and manage an improvement project. A popular alternative to selling a property with renovation or redevelopment potential.

How our Partnerships work
  • 1

    Partner with Flexible

    We’ll work with you to help you strike your desired balance of risk and reward.

  • 2

    Flexible will make improvements

    Flexible takes on all responsibilities related to planning, design, construction, and, if applicable, lease-up, operations, and sale.

  • 3

    Get rewarded

    Receive your share of the newly created profits or cash flow.

How am I safe?

All forms of ownership entail risk, and a partnership is a form of ownership. Flexible can reduce your risk by giving you cash upon the formation of the partnership and during the course of the project, which reduces your equity exposure. 

Additionally, Flexible can structure the partnership so that, upon sale of the completed project, you are paid 100% of the value of your property that was agreed upon at the start of the partnership before we receive any portion of the sale proceeds.

Benefits and Tradeoffs
  • Higher earning potential- Flexible will determine your property’s highest and best use so that our plan maximizes our shared earning potential.

  • Near-zero effort- Rest easy knowing that our incentives to succeed are aligned. Simply contribute your property and benefit from our team of experts focused on making the project a success.

  • Custom risk and reward structure- Achieve your financial goals by securing the right balance of equity at risk, future payout priority, and total projected earnings.

  • Market risk- If you choose a Flexible option that involves retaining equity, market forces may cause loss of equity, and decline of cash flow and market value.

  • Project risk- Improvement project performance can be impacted by delays, cost overruns, loan issues, liability due to injury, construction defects, and more.

  • Lack of liquidity- Once a project starts, it can be difficult to sell the property for cash until the project is completed.

Partnership Example

You contribute your property that is worth $1,000,000 into a partnership with Flexible. You’re given $1,000,000 of equity credit, the same as if you contributed $1,000,000 cash to the partnership. Since you chose “preferred” equity (explained in more detail in the “Most owners” section below), you are entitled to a fixed priority return of 10% per year for the life of the project. 

The partnership’s business plan consists of a renovation that includes adding usable space, and selling at the end of the third year for a profit. Flexible contributes $450,000 to cover the cost of improvements 

After Partnership formation

You accrue a 10% return per year on your contribution while the project is underway. 


At the end of the 3rd year, the partnership completes the project and sells the property for $2,000,000. You receive $1,331,000, which includes your equity contribution and three years of accrued 10% annual return. Flexible is reimbursed $450,000 for improvement costs and, after closing costs, earns a profit of approximately $200,000.

This example is simplified to exclude details that vary by owner and transaction, including the impact of taxes, tax savings, and miscellaneous third-party transaction costs.

Perfecting your Partnership terms

Every Flexible offer is custom-built to achieve owners’ goals. For a Partnership, here are the most important items to consider:

  • Contribution amount

    You can contribute your property only, or your property and cash to fund some or all of the improvements. The more you contribute the greater the share of future cash flow you will  receive.

  • Cash needs

    The amount of cash you want or need at closing or during the project. The less cash required, the higher your projected earnings.

  • Risk and reward

    Your preference: less profit certainty with higher earning potential, or greater certainty with lower potential. With partnerships, every dollar of additional profit is less certain than the last. Since the partnership is formed before the future is known, the partners make an educated guess about future cash flow and decide how this cash flow will be divided amongst the partners.

  • Involvement

    The amount of oversight or approval rights you want over Flexible’s recommended improvement plan.

Most owners...

With Flexible, owners can choose between two types of Partnership participation: “common” and “preferred” equity.

Common equity earns a percentage of profits. Preferred equity earns a fixed return that is paid before common equity earns a profit, as long as the projects’ profit is sufficient to pay the return.

Common equity provides higher earning potential. Preferred equity provides greater predictability and priority, therefore, greater certainty of achieving returns.

Most owners who choose a Partnership choose preferred equity because they prioritize risk reduction over maximizing earnings.

When you request an offer, we’ll share options so you can choose your desired combination of offer features and make an informed choice. We can include preapproval to make changes after reaching an agreement so you have flexibility as the future unfolds.

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Frequently asked questions
  • Flexible is typically the “general partner”, responsible for all aspects of forming, funding, and completing the business plan.

  • Flexible will share periodic progress updates, quarterly reports, and an annual tax document called a K-1 which will outline your share of income, losses, and tax deductions. A Flexible Asset Manager will be assigned to the project and will be available to answer questions and share information throughout the project.

  • Our offers are customized to maximize the collective ownership group’s satisfaction. Flexible will ensure each co-owner receives the terms they want, whether it’s cashing out, remaining an owner, or both. You tell us if you want us to work with a single contact, the group, or individually with each co-owner.

  • We’ll determine if your loan can be paid off without penalty and, if the rate is below market, whether it can be assumed. If we can keep a below-market rate loan in place, we may be able to increase our offer price.

  • We’ll work with you to coordinate our onsite inspections and collect property information as part of our due diligence. If certain materials are not available or easily accessible, our team can help.

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