A Cash-Strapped Landlord Optimizes His Future

Mark eliminated the hassles of rental property ownership, and secured a higher monthly income without losing his net worth to taxes.

Meet Mark

Mark, a long-term property owner, handled all of his ownership responsibilities without the help of a property manager. Over time, the need for repairs was more frequent and his cash flow was declining. If things didn’t change, he would be forced out of retirement. 

Time for Action

He considered selling through a real estate agent and finding a more stable source of cash flow. The problem was, a sale would trigger a high tax bill that would lower his sale proceeds, which meant he would have less to reinvest in another income-generating asset.

He needed a tax-friendly solution and recurring income. And he wanted his income to keep up with inflation and be as passive as possible.

Mark got Flexible:

Mark found Flexible online and, in 24 hours, he understood all of his options and secured a Flexible Ground Lease that achieved his goals

The extra twist: Flexible added periodic rental increases so Mark’s income was inflation-protected.   

The Outcome

Mark got what he wanted—and stopped worrying about running out of money, returning to his day job, or jeopardizing his retirement. 

“It really was that easy.” - Mark S.

Behind the Scenes

  • Mark initially thought Flexible might be a good backup option. He got an offer, compared it against alternatives, and we jumped to the front of the line.

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