Solutions for Co-Owners
About this goal

Whether you want to sell your interest, align co-owners, or bring on a strategic partner, you have options.

Key Considerations
  • Do you and your co-owners all want the same thing?
  • Do you know what your existing agreement allows?
  • Have you and your co-owners considered ways to capture additional value through physical or operational improvements?
  • If you and a co-owner can't agree, do you understand what they want—or what they would consider—to make progress towards your goals?
The perfect solution can become apparent if the partners discuss their individual goals, consider the options, and weigh the pros and cons. We can help facilitate that discussion by bringing new ideas to the table.
Options to solve co-owner challenges

Reach your goals—with our cash and expertise.

Our Partnership allows you to bring us in on your terms. We can contribute money and the complex legwork to add value through physical or operational improvements. Once the partnership’s business plan is complete, each owner can choose to stay in, or cash out.

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