Retirement or Estate Planning

Retirement and estate planning are typically closely related. A thoughtfully designed plan can give you the lifestyle you want. The right transaction can include future flexibility so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered no matter what happens or how your goals change. If you have heirs, you can take some easy steps to make sure you pass your hard-earned equity along to your loved ones.

When planning your retirement, seek answers to important questions: How much cash flow do you need to fund your lifestyle? What possible tax consequences do you face? How can you strike a balance between living the life you want and leaving something for your heirs?

Retirement and estate planning can be tricky:

  • Substantial tax consequences

  • Fear about having enough money to fund your lifestyle

  • Fear of developing physical or mental health issues

  • Forced to cut back or cut out necessary expenses

  • Concerns about market conditions, or new tax laws that could limit options

Savvy strategies to consider

If you are planning for retirement or your estate, and you own a property with equity, you have excellent options. Our Offer Types make choosing between options easy, so you get a head-start on a customized offer that delivers everything you want.

Easy Sale. The fastest, simplest path to cash. Ideal if you want to sell 100% of your equity up front.

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Installment Sale. Get better pricing, upfront cash, and a steady income while deferring taxes. A good option if you want cash to fund your lifestyle but want to skip the tax bill, or if you don’t have a plan for sale proceeds.

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Ground or Master Lease. Get cash, retain ownership, and earn passive income to fund your lifestyle. A smart choice if you want passive income with zero headaches, or if you don’t want to deal with a needed improvement project.

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Sale Leaseback. Lock in today’s prices and use the property as long as you want. Works well if you want to cash in, stay in your property, and keep your lifestyle.

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When weighing your options, consider how much cash you need to fund your lifestyle, potential tax consequences, and the kind of flexibility you might want in the future if your circumstances change.
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