Partnership Maximizes Earnings Without Writing a Check

Chris and his partners joined forces with Flexible to increase cash flow and get a net worth boost without writing a check.

Meet Chris and His Partners

Chris and his partners owned a portfolio of commercial properties. After years of discussions around making improvements in order to meet the needs of prospective tenants, they couldn’t agree on a budget or who would handle finding and hiring a team to do the project, so the improvements never happened. As existing leases expired, the lease renewal rate declined, which was steadily reducing cash flow, and therefore, the partners’ net worth. 

Time for Action

The partnership decided that finalizing and agreeing on a business plan was urgent. The problem was, even a modest budget required two of the partners to pull cash from carefully planned retirement savings. 

They needed help funding and managing the project, and they needed enough cash to compensate for over a year of vacancy while the property was being renovated. 

The Partners got Flexible: 

Chris and his partners heard about Flexible from a local commercial property owner, and in 24 hours they understood all of their options and secured a Flexible Partnership that achieved their goals:

  • Maximize earnings. Flexible bought into the partnership at a friendly valuation and funded the improvement budget, which increased the property value–-and each partners’ equity.

  • Increase monthly cash flow. The improvements increased rental income and reduced vacancy and operating expenses driving cash flow to new highs. 

  • Transact and keep cash invested. The partners were able to benefit from enhanced operations and investment performance without day-to-day involvement. 

The extra twist: Flexible agreed to provide the partners with a guaranteed minimum cash flow, so they could maintain their retirement lifestyle while the project was in progress. 

The Outcome 

The partners enjoyed higher cash flow and a net worth boost without managing the project or writing a check.

“They’re the reason our partnership is still intact. Not sure what we would have done without this offer with these details.”- Chris S.

Behind the Scenes

  • The partners were skeptical that things would go as smoothly as proposed. Our biggest skeptic became our biggest fan.

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