The Smart Way to Downsize

The Lannings captured today’s market value and avoided the headaches of simultaneously selling and buying a primary residence.

Meet The Lannings

The Lannings were preparing to downsize. Like most homeowners, they needed the cash from the sale of their existing home to buy their new home. They also knew that in order to determine their budget for a new home, it would be smart to secure a buyer for their existing home so they could be confident about pricing.

Time for Action

The Lannings concluded that they had to hire an agent to start the progress. The problem was, they knew that if they secured a buyer they would be pressured to find a home, and they expected that finding a home they loved could take up to a year. The thought of being forced to buy a home they didn’t love, or move into a temporary home only to move again months later, was overwhelming. 

They needed a buyer for their existing home that would provide them with closing certainty and would allow them to lease their home after the sale closed. 

The Lannings got Flexible:

The Lannings heard about Flexible from an agent-friend, and in 24 hours they understood all of their options and secured a Flexible Sale-Leaseback offer that achieved their goals:

  • Solve occupancy puzzles. They continued to live in their existing property after the sale, pressure-free.

  • Get cash. They captured their property’s market value on their existing home and used the cash to buy their new home with competitive terms and therefore a great price. 

  • Design their lifestyle. They leased their current home at a friendly rate that didn’t strain their cash flow. 

The extra twist: We gave the Lannings an “extension option” so they could stay in their home until they found their new home and were ready to move. 

The Outcome 

The Lannings got what they wanted without the headaches and time-pressure, and ended up securing their “perfect” new home.

“This could have been a nightmare. You guys made it simple.”- David Lanning

Behind the Scenes

  • The Lannings didn’t think there were buyers that would be willing to wait over a year for them to move out. We proved otherwise. 

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