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Great news! You have many options to get cash on your timeline.

Key Considerations
  • How much cash do you want?
  • When do you need it?
  • If you sell, will you face a big tax bill?
  • If your property has upside potential, are you willing to wait for a higher payoff?
If you need cash quickly, we can “pass through” a cash deposit within days of signing an agreement.
Options to generate cash now

Convert all of your equity to cash.

Our Easy Sale is a stress-free sale that’s fast, simple, and certain. Choose your closing date, skip the hassles, and get 100% of your cash at closing. If selling will trigger a tax bill or leave you with more cash than you want, consider other options.

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Get cash now—with continued passive income.

Our Installment Sale is a sale, but instead of receiving all of the cash at closing, you can earn more—and defer taxes—by taking payments over time.

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Our Ground/Master Lease removes almost all of the hassles, expenses, and liability of owning rental property—and gets you the cash you need when the lease is signed.

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Get cash now, continued ownership, and no added debt.

With a Partnership, you get some cash now, and the potential to grow your remaining equity through physical or operational improvements—and then cash out when the project is done.

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With Cash for Equity, you get cash with no debt or monthly payments, with the option to buy back your equity at any time.

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