Solving Loan Puzzles
About this goal

Some loans are better than others. If you have a loan-related puzzle to solve, you’ve come to the right place.

Key Considerations
  • Is your interest rate higher or lower than what is available today?
  • What is the loan balance relative to your property’s value?
  • Would you like to sell, or partner and pay off your loan—but your loan agreement prohibits or penalizes an early payoff?
  • Have you violated the terms of your loan or missed any payments?
  • Can your loan be assumed by or assigned to a different owner?
Before making any decisions, review your loan documents (or have a qualified professional do so) to make sure you know your options. If you feel restricted, negotiating with your lender can be a good place to start—but it's not always worth the effort.
Options for (almost) any loan quandary

Sell quickly to avoid foreclosure.

With our Easy Sale, you can choose your closing date, skip the hassles, and get 100% of your cash at closing. We can take over the loan and base our pricing on the  “value” of the loan compared to other loans available today.

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Ease your financial burden and keep your lifestyle.

Our Sale-Leaseback lets you unlock cash and customize your lease term to fit your goals.

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Profit from your property's upside potential.

If your property has upside potential—and you want to increase its value through physical or operational improvements—we can form a Partnership. We can structure a partnership to avoid any lender-related issues.

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Eliminate landlord headaches—even if your loan is making a sale challenging.

Our long-term Ground/Master Lease eliminates most landlord responsibilities, expenses, and liability. We can commit to a purchase at the end of the lease term and give you the cash you want along the way.

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