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First, a thought exercise...

Every real estate deal has pricing and terms.

Terms define your transaction experience and your outcome.

A great deal has a great price


the right terms...

for you.

To find the right terms, you have to know what terms exist.

Terms come in two categories: Offer Types™ and Add-ons.

Offer Types are transaction structures that include a standard sale, long-term lease, partnership, and creative options.

Each leads to a different outcome and is used to achieve a specific goal.

Let’s explore Offer Types.

Most owners know about a standard sale.

Easy Sale

A straightforward sale to Flexible, without the hassles or costs of putting your property on the market.

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For owners who want passive income without a big tax bill or 1031 exchange risk, these are good options.

Installment Sale

A sale to Flexible in which you get paid in installments rather than all cash upfront.

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Ground or Master Lease

Lease your entire building or land to one tenant: Flexible.

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Sometimes, a special situation applies.


A sale to Flexible, then a leaseback to you on your terms.

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Sell to Flexible while Flexible secures your new property so you can exchange one for the other.

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Builder Pre-sale

A sale to Flexible midway through an improvement project.

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Cash for Equity

Sell part of your property to Flexible.

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A profit-sharing arrangement where you partner with Flexible to bring your property to its highest and best use.

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Business and Building Sale

Sell your business and building to Flexible in a single transaction, without the costs and complexity of two separate sales.

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Moving on to Add-ons.

Think of Add-ons as deal enhancers.

They come in three categories: timing, money, and flexibility.

So, that’s the overview of deal terms.

Here’s a recap:

  • Every deal includes pricing and terms.

  • Terms shape your experience and your outcome.

  • Terms come in two varieties: Offer Types and Add-ons.

  • Offer Types are transaction structures. Add-ons are deal enhancers.

The bottom line:

Great price + Your terms

= Exciting deal

So, what's next?

Find a great buyer that will agree to your terms.

On that note...

Flexible will custom-build an offer for you.

It will include every term on your Offer Wishlist.

Will we offer the highest price?

Probably not.

But, we might be your best path to a great deal.

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