Problem Getting Worse With Time

Some problems can get worse and create more problems over time. Examples include deferred property repairs, deteriorating market conditions, certain health issues, and more. Your property may not be the problem, but it can help you find—or fund—a solution.

Think about this: Do you need a quick fix, such as fast cash you can repay soon—or a longer-term solution, like selling your property to access more cash without the burden of loan payments? Knowing the answer will help you filter your options to the few that fit your goals.

A situation that keeps getting worse makes everything else harder than it should be:

  • Insufficient time to think and prepare

  • Fear that the problem may get worse

  • Overwhelmed with choices and and unsure where to start

  • Facing judgment from friends and family

  • Concerns about market conditions, or new tax laws that could limit options

Savvy strategies to consider

When speed is the goal, simplicity is key. Our Offer Types make it easy to choose between options, so you get a head-start on a customized solution that delivers everything you want.

Easy Sale. The fastest, simplest path to cash. Ideal if you want 100% of your equity up front without any hassles or fees.

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Installment Sale. Get better pricing, upfront cash, and a steady income while deferring taxes. A good option if you need cash now but want to skip the tax bill, or if you don’t have a plan for sale proceeds.

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Partnership. Maintain ownership and sit back while we bring the money and handle the work to book the property value.

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When weighing your options, consider potential tax consequences and how your goals and needs might change over time.
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