One Transaction, Two Goals

Frederick and Jenny eliminated the stress of inheriting a troubled property without compromising on their goals.

Meet Frederick and Jenny

Siblings, Frederick and Jenny inherited a single-family home when their mother passed away. At the time of their mother’s passing, Frederick’s family occupied the property. The property was in poor condition and both siblings didn’t have the cash nor time to make repairs. 

Deciding on the right next steps was overwhelming to both of them. 

Time for Action

After months of back and forth, they agreed to sell the property. The problem was, Frederick and his family needed time to figure out their next move while Jenny wanted to sell immediately because of favorable market conditions. 

They needed a solution that satisfied both of their goals or no progress would be made. 

Frederick and Jenny got Flexible:

Frederick and Jenny heard about Flexible from a neighbor, and in 24 hours they understood all of their options and secured a Flexible Sale-Leaseback that achieved their goals:

  • Solutions for co-owners. Jenny was happy to get the property sold and Frederick was able to stay in the property until he and his family found a new home.  

  • Exit a tired property. The property was sold “as-is” so the siblings didn’t have to fund fixes or upgrades. 

  • Solve occupancy puzzles. Flexible bought the property, and leased it back to Frederick, allowing him flexibility and time until his next move.

The extra twist: Since Frederick didn’t know how long it would take to find a new home, we gave the right to extend his lease indefinitely. 

The Outcome 

Frederick and Jenny went from stressed out to stress free while skipping the risks of interpersonal turmoil and added stress. 

“One of the most honest, professional companies I have ever worked with.”-Frederick R.

Behind the Scenes

  • Frederick and Jenny were skeptical that Flexible would offer a fair price and the terms they wanted. After seeing the offer and a third-party appraisal, they were sold.

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