Exiting Tired Property or Vacant Land
About this goal

If your property has room for improvement, get excited! Potential is a good thing, and you have options to make some magic happen.

Key Considerations
  • Would you rather sell as-is for less or pursue higher proceeds by assuming some risk and postponing payment?
  • Do you need cash now?
  • Do you want recurring monthly cash flow?
  • If you sell, are you facing a big tax bill?
  • Do you want to continue to own, or would you rather move your cash elsewhere?
We are interested in properties in any condition. That means we see your property’s potential as an opportunity—and we’re happy to do the work and share in the upside on your terms. Tell us your goals, and we can structure the right transaction.
Options for properties with potential

Sell and be done with it.

Our Easy Sale is a stress-free sale that’s fast, simple, and certain. Choose your closing date, skip the hassles, and get 100% of your cash at closing.

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Profit from your property's upside potential.

Our Partnership can be structured to strike your perfect balance of cash distributions, risk, and reward.

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Get upfront cash, monthly cash flow, and favorable tax treatment.

Our Installment Sale is a sale, but instead of receiving all of the cash at closing, you can earn more and defer taxes by taking payments over time—without the hassles and expenses of ownership.

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Our long-term Ground/Master Lease allows you to eliminate many landlord expenses and enjoy zero vacancy for as long as you want. Choose your lease duration and earn monthly income.

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